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Geographical search & EcclesiaCRM

EcclesiaCRM has a map option which allows to see the members, via GoogleMap, OpenStreetMap or BingMap.

An event can also be located on a map (example: to give an appointment to a group)

How does EcclesiaCRM locate a person on the map ?

EcclesiaCRM stores the GPS data to be able to situate the members on the map, the data are provided via or by using the members' address stored in the CRM. If you know an other localisation service, you are welcomed to contact us.

How does one search for persons around another person ?

To this end, go to the menu "individual and Family", then "dashboard", and "geographic family", one selects the name of a family, the maximum number of neighbors, the radius around the family and then validate.

One is able to put the results in the "cart", see the bottom of the results page.

Where can one see the families on the map?

To this end, go to the menu "individual and family" and choose the item "see on the map"

Via the map legend, one will be able to display or not the persons depending on their assigned role.

Note lThe main role is usually the "family representative", to avoid having too 10 pins on the map for a single family of 10 members.

Is there any other map format ?

The page "geographic family" allows the making of files with data readable by other tools; go to "data files" and click on the + to see the different options.