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Pastoral care for Person or Family

Each pastor, counsellor in self help, and supervisor allowed can manage the pastoral care for single person or for family.

Make a pastoral care note for a person

Search a user with the menu in the leftside bar.


Here's the profile :


One has to click on the button and can now begin the pastoral care


The view is divided in two parts :

  • The buttons to choose the type, print or filter the notes taken for those who have followed the pastoral care
  • and the personalization part, with the preset types


  • For example: choose "why did you come to church?" in the menu
    • Il sera possible dans la fenêtre ci-dessus, de glisser déposer des images documents dans la zone
    • You can drag and drop documents, images in the zon above
    • You can use document templates Modèle
    • adding some tables
    • etc ...

Note the radio buttons "Show" "hide" allows to show or not the notes taken by a pastor

It may be useful to know that a member is taken care of, without the notes shown to everyone

  • After entering, here's the result


Make a pastoral care note for a family

You can add one for a family too :

  • Search and Choose a family
  • and follow the same steps as for a person


You can add the same comment for all the members of this family, by checking the box "include" :


Filtering by a pastor or counsellor

Click on the button on the right