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EcclesiaCRM supports plugins with version 8.0.0.

There are two different types of plugins:

Global plugins

  • They are located in the side toolbar tree
  • They allow you to extend the potential of the CRM and make it an extensible tool.
  • Two tools have been created for this purpose (Jitsi and the event flow)

Home page plugins (the dashboard)

  • A whole series of plugins have been created (News, Today's birthdays, Notes, etc ...)
  • they allow you to manage a home page that can be customized by drag and drop
  • it is possible to delete and manage them.

A plugin manager

  • it will allow you to install
  • activate them
  • to delete them

An advanced user manager

  • it is possible to assign by user a plugin and to fix its rights to admin or to a simple user (see for that the News plugin).
  • for the management of the rights see for that the user guide in the part administrator administrator.