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With the new version 8.0 of EcclesiaCRM, a new component in the administrator management is now available to you

To do so, you must have administrator rights

  • go to the settings section on the top right


  • You will have here the view to manage the plugins


It is quite similar in its management to Wordpress.

  • It is possible to add a plugin


Warning this plugin must be validated at the level of a digital signature to be integrated into EcclesiaCRM.

  • It is possible to activate or deactivate a plugin as a group or plugin by plugin.


  • the update is under development and will come in a future version of EcclesiaCRM.

User rights management

Not all users have the right to access the plugin or want to access it.

To do so: - Go to the settings for the users part


  • We choose a user Screenshot

  • We get the new 8.0 management of EcclesiaCRM


You have to click the tab on the right: "Plugin permissions".

  • We just have to activate or assign the rights :