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Activation & Management

Once the GDPR activated EcclesiaCRM will need a final setting made in with the Board of Administration of the Church with a DPO in order to answer better the legislative requirements of each EU country.


During a new installation each question is asked during the process. It is also possible to answer later, to this end go to:


Then choose the GDPR tab:


  • bGDPR : Allows to activate it or not
  • sGdprDpoSigner : the name of the DPO
  • sGdprDpoSignerEmail : its email address
  • iGdprExpirationDate : The period of time until the deactivate member will be under the DPO management.

Once the option is activated a new menu will appear



  • Follow-up: each manipulation is saved in order to record the modification made by a supervisor


  • data structure


Each part of the data structure has to be explained via the comments.

Warning : Each CRM field, each property will appear there and will be commented. A comment is validated via the ENTER key.

  • Members and families deactivated

The deactivation is applicable only after a certain period of time: as mentioned in iGdprExpirationDate.

Warning : a member that would have made donation must not be erase from the system, for tax purposes.