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Share with a Mac

A calendar can be shared with a Mac, an iPhone or Thunderbird.

EcclesiaCRM is compatible CalDAV

Share a calendar on a Mac

  1. Open Calendar on a Mac and add a new one


  2. The features are the following, one will have to enter the user's login in EcclesiaCRM


  3. Here's the result


    • One will be able to add events, if the calendar is accessible in writing.
    • Everything will be pass on a Mac

Share a calendar in IOS

The steps are the same as on a Mac

Enter the url in the form:

Share in Thunderbird Share in

  • One has to have the calendar's address


  • then select the address and enter it in Thunderbird.

  • However it has to be done for every calendar

For Outlook one needs a synchronizer (as in Zimbra)

You can download it here:


  • the steps are the same for the shared and group calendars
  • a group calendar can only be add by an administrator