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EcclesiaCRM is fully compatible with MailChimp Screenshot

The free version of Mailchimp can now only make one list (Audience).
The use of TAgs is a way to get around that.

So it is possible now

  • to create audience (mailing list)
  • to create campaign
  • to add segments
  • to use code fields
  • to create templates within the CRM
  • etc ....


To activate the feature one has to go to "Edit General Settings"


Then in "Enabled Features"


Establishment: get a Mailchimp key

One can get it with the link : suivant

Set EccelesiaCRM for Mailchimp

Then enter the Mailchimp key in EcclesiaCRM

  1. Go to general settings sMailChimpApiKey
  2. Enter the Mailchimp key
  3. One can also set the number of subscribers on the list. iMailChimpApiMaxMembersCount Note: It is advised to fix a low number, to avoid being see as a spammer 4.It is possible to add the address and phone numbers of the subscribers, and activate: bMailChimpWithAddressPhone

Add the role "MailChimp" to a user

A user has to be given the role "MailChimp" in order to be able to use it. To this end, go to:


Then select the user and edit them after having added the role "MailChimp


Then tick the box and save


Mailchimp : Introduction

Mailchimp is a mailing system that can send a Newsletter, which allows a member to send an email to a large group of members.

With Mailchimp, one can:

  • make a mailing list (GDPR)
  • Add CRM members to a list
  • make campaigns
  • modify

And without logging out from EcclesiaCRM.

Warning : check the connectivity of the CRM

To check it one can go to : Email -> Mailchimp -> dashboard

Then click on the button "Debug".

You should see a report of the connexion.