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User creation

A user has the following rights:

  • manage their personal account
  • access their record via WebDAV
  • Add files to their personal account
  • Create calendars
  • Visit the shared calendars
  • Share their calendars

Access the management

3.Manage the users

  • Go to settings


  • Then "user system"


  • One can now create new accounts or manage them


  1. To modify a user account


  1. Create a user from a member



Change the properties

  1. user's rights ( for a system administrator)

    • they can manage the cart
    • the storage (create members)
    • modify member account
    • See the Google Maps
    • Administrator of the properties and classifications:
    • Administrator of the groups and roles:
    • Administrator of the finances management:
    • See, add and modify documents:
    • Modify their own account (only for their own family)
    • Lobbyist
    • Create the administrators
    • Deal with the default colors of the CRM
  2. They can also establish the users' rights

    • send emails
    • manage the separator for the group mails
    • create directories
    • Export a cart content to a CVS format (in Excel ot LibreOffice Calc)
    • display the tooltips
    • Add events to a calendar
    • See the private data