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Participe in EcclesiaCRM

To participate in the project EcclesiaCRM.

The project relies on the volunteer contributors the users of open source. If you want to participate, you can :

  • Send Patch Code via pul requests
  • Update the documentation
  • Send reports of the bugs or propose some improvements for the CRM

First step:

  1. Read the whole page
  2. Make yourself known via our Chat
  3. Visit the part "report an issue", it was made to be as easy as possible in order to send the bug's report.
  4. Have fun!

Test a division

As long as one develops the software, one needs testing.

Set up a test

There are a few ways to test the software:

  1. Oracle Virtual Box
  2. Oracle VirtualBox provides a free virtual machine
  3. wmware
  4. wmware is a professional tool providing tests in an optimal way
  5. Hyper-V
  6. Hyper-V is a free Windows 10 role that runs a Web Linux server

Test EcclesiaCRM

  1. Check the division that you want to test. You can use GitHub Deskop, which you can download freely on the GitHub page, or you can use one of the link below:
  2. It can happens that we test some parts on experimental division
  3. If you download a Zip file, you should retrieve it in "file"
  4. Via a command line, browse to the file
  5. Wait until the message: EcclesiaCRM is now Hosted Wait until the message:
  6. Then, test the functionality
  7. Finally, send your request on "Issues"

How to report an issue

When reporting an issue, please include as much detail as you can. Let us know your platform and EcclesiaCRM version. If the problem is visual (for example a theme or design issue) please add a screenshot; and if you get an error please include the full error and traceback.

Which environment are we using ?

We work on an docker environment

To enter tests

[To test if your request was send] (

Submit a Pull Requests

Once you are happy with your changes or you are ready for some feedback, push it to your fork and send a pull request. For all change requests, documentation and unit tests will be required for acceptance.