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Export : List - PhotoBook - Attendance

You can create - group photos - attendance lists - group lists

Note : It is only possible if the administrator gives the permission to do PDF and CVS export.

##To create extractions

Go to the menu "Sunday School" -> "Dashboard"


Then choose


Then select one or several groups


To do a group photo

Click on the red button "PhotoBook"


The group photo will provide with the students and teachers

The group lists

Click on the button ad'hoc

Note : it will provide the list of students to split between the teachers ( it can also provide some students' allergies and if they do not want to be photographed)

Attendance Sheet

  • select a group


  • the click Attendance Sheet


There are two kinds :

  • The attendance list to complete by hand and that does not take into account the database
  • The attendance list which allows an extraction because it takes into account the database made during the year. For this list, go to "call the register"

Note : One can add a student allergies or if they do not want to be photographed