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Pastoral Care Dashboard

Each pastor, counsellor in self help, and supervisor allowed can manage the pastoral care for single person or for family.

On the main dashboard

When you open your session


You can notice the red color of the pastoral care alert

  • red mean: less than 10% of your church are yet reached
  • yellow mean: less than 30% of your church are yet reached
  • blue mean: less than 60% have been reached
  • green mean: church is really in good health

By clicking the button "Manage Pastoral Care" you'll get more details of the health of your church.

Pastoral Dashboard : full details

To get a full details of the health of your church, on the leftside menu bar, choose


You'll get the view below


Call randomly a person, a single person, etc ...

Open the menu called : "Visit/call randomly"


For a single person, ou get