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The groups in CRM have a preponderant place in :

  • Gathering a few people in a same "container"
  • Sending emails
  • Managing the Sundayschool groups
  • Classifying the menues, by "types" in the left sidebar; which is as possible with the classic groups than the sundayschool groups.

Via the "Cart", the users will be able to :

  • Do CSV extractions
  • Print
  • create to a directory
  • create to labels
  • create to badges
  • create QR code badges
  • Making appointment
  • create exportable address book.

Have access to the groups

To have to all the groups, one has to open the sude bare, as following :


One selects "List Groups":


Then classify the groups by "kind"


There, one only will have the sundayschool groups

Note The kind of group provides the classification of the groups in the left sidebar.


Add a new group

One has to go at the bottom of the group listing, as following :


One adds:

  • The name of the group
  • Then click on "Add New Group"

Put one or more members in the "cart"

The user has to have a cart role to use this tool.

One goes to the section "List all the groups"

Screenshot Screenshot


  • Two groups are add to cart
  • The cart icon has the some of the users accounts

To do that, consult the section "Cart"