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  • The event flow manager is a plugin in EcclesiaCRM version 8.0.
  • it requires a calendar (personal, group, material or shared), see the user manual and the calendar section.
  • only a user with the right to use the plugin can use it.
  • the notion of event flow is built on the volunteer opportunities (example below : Home, Leader etc ...) See for that the associated section : volunteer opportunities.


The plugin "Event flow" allows you to manage the schedules of volunteers via a very specific event:

  • for Sunday morning
  • for rehearsals

there are two types of event flow : - daily - over several days.

It will allow you to manage your members via mini doodle


  • On the left the graph that will allow to visualize the occupation of the number of members who are present and absent
  • on the right the members to be checked
  • it is possible to create titles in red, for example "Welcome (9:45)
  • containers** : "Welcome group
    • In this container, sub-containers (examples: low battery) which are nothing else than mini doodle (sub-container), or member or administrator will be able to check the present or absent
      • to manage the objectives to reach (1/2)
      • to send emails to the doodle
  • it will be possible to duplicate a flow to be able to reuse the work already produced from one Sunday to another.

Sending emails

It is possible to send an email to any member :

  • of the event stream
  • of each container
  • of each sub-container (Doodle)
  • of each member