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EcclesiaCRM documentation


EcclesiaCRM is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).



EcclesiaCRM is based on ChurchCRM which itself was based on InfoCentral.

The software has been developed by a team of volunteers for the purpose of making available a software of quality for churches. If you want to discover more about it or help developing the app, you can go on

Where to start on EcclesiaCRM ?

If you have some experience on Web Applications, then start on EcclesiaCRM will be easy. Otherwise, there is some pre-requisite to have, as a matter of fact it is relevant to emphasize that Ecclesia CRM is an app based on the Internet, implying that : The "server", which is distant from EcclesiaCRm and will keep for you the files and infos you will need.

The "client", which interacts from a web browser to the distant app.

There is only one server, but an infinite number of users.


Ecclesia is an PHP/MySQL app running on a server, which supplies on web pages that will provide the data given by a data base, which would then be available for the users. However, you will see the main advantage of the app when you will be several to work together and from a distance on this app.

If you need help

To have help on EcclesiaCRM, click on issues.

Get off to the right start

The app is based on the idea that the members of a family or a group have the same interests.

After downloading the app and the first connection, you will be ready to configure the app so it suits your needs.

The first thing to do will be to enter the name of the church, its address, its phone number and the mail address in Files.

EcclesiaCRM will display "My church" in bold in the upper headband.

During the configuration, ask yourself in which ways do you want to use EcclesiaCRM :

  1. Which groups do you need ?
  2. Which characteristics do you want to link with a member ?
  3. Do you need customizable characteristics ?
  4. Who is the administrator ?
  5. Who will deal with the app's financial aspects ?
  6. Who can add or change the records ?