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Families & EcclesiaCRM

EcclesiaCRM gives to the family a central role, in a polymorph form, a moving family defined by its name, members and other characteristics that can be add (custom fields)

NewsLetter a Family may receive the newsletter.

One family, an address

Each individual in the CRM has an address, the family concept allows an actual address assignment.

One family, several roles

Each member of the family has a specific role:

  • the family representative
  • the spouse
  • the children

The family representative is key to see the family on the member list. This part can be changed in "people management" and "customization"

One family, different proprieties

At first a family has to be create by the custom priorities * A mono parental family * A family to help * etc ...

This part can be changed in "people management" and "customization"

One family, plenty of custom fields

The custom fields can be add as desired and different for each family.

The custom fields types are:

  • Boolean :
  • Date :
  • Text type 50 or 100 or infinite:
  • Year :
  • Season :
  • Number :
  • Group member :
  • Money :
  • Phone number :
  • Custom drop-down list :

One family, funds or automatic payments

A family can donate and the donation can be claim for the fiscal receipts.

Some notes

A family can keep some notes.